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Helping Children to Develop Self-Discipline

How do children acquire attitudes, beliefs and behavious?


What do we mean by the use of the word ‘good’?  It is not what someone else advises you to do.  The Divine is not somewhere outside.  He is within you.  The consciousness of what is good must arise from within you.  That is the voice of conscience.  Act according to the dictates of your conscience.  

Sathya Sai Baba

When we use an Educare approach to help children to develop self-discipline we are helping them to reach a stage where they behave in appropriate ways not because they have been told they should, but because they really believe in their own consciences that it is the way they want to behave.  Obviously it is a long and challenging task to help children to reach this point.  Sometimes, in our zeal to teach children about human values and lead them to become people of good character we can be in danger of developing in them the misconception that they have to be perfect in ALL the human values ALL of the time – a misconception that can cause them confusion and inner struggle.  It is not easy to create the right balance between generating true self-discipline and creating over-anxious children.  The purpose of this article is to talk about some strategies that can help us to achieve this balance.

Before reading further, you may wish to pause and reflect on the following questions:
  • Do I want my children to behave well because I tell them to, or because they have decided in their own consciences that this is the right thing for themselves and others?
  • Do I want my children to have perfect behaviour, or to be happy with themselves even if they make mistakes sometimes?
  • Do I want my children to be perfect all the time but have inner conflicts about the need to maintain this perfection, or would I prefer them to be a little bit naughty but nice kids.
  • Do I accept my children as they are, or do I expect them to become something else?




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