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Learning to earn a living is only half the job. The other half is to make life worthwhile and meaningful.~ Sathya Sa Baba ~

Parents as Leaders

Polley Ann McClure wrote a very interesting article in which she compared her expertise in participating with her dog in the sport of agility to her corporate role as a leader.  What more important role can you have as a leader than that of a parent – particularly in relation to bringing up a self-disciplined child?  Therefore, in this article I plan to use McClure’s ideas and explore how they can be used to create more effective strategies for discipline.

Sai Baba says:
There is a bond of pure love between teachers and students. Students can win over any teacher’s heart and a teacher can win over students’ hearts. If you want to be loved, you have to love others first.

The above statement is the key to unlock the door to Educare. To inspire and give greater clarity we have defined 10 areas in the way of lessons so that parents can confidently “walk the walk and talk the talk” with children.




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