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Helping Teachers Solve Problems

A Problem-Solving Approach to Challenge and Support Teacher Growth

Instruction in schools can be enhanced by teachers’ engagement in professional growth. This is dependent on their willingness to examine their own practices in light of developing theories about teaching and learning, and to modify their approaches using the best ideas from these theories. It has been documented (Gregg, 1995) that many teachers are reluctant to do this. Evidence suggests that their reluctance is due to lack of the skills and/or confidence to overcome obstacles to change.

Also, in many cases, they have a belief that these obstacles are insurmountable (Gregg, 1995). Teachers who do not adapt successfully to change will more likely produce students who can "follow the rules and procedures and conventions specified in the textbook" (Gregg, 1995), rather than being equipped to meet the changing demands of society.

A major concern of teacher educators is to encourage teachers to change their beliefs from blaming students and school as obstacles to change, to taking responsibility for finding creative and feasible solutions to adopting recommended changes.

Acquisition of the necessary skills and confidence to do this is an ongoing process of development for teachers. We are interested to explore ways of encouraging teachers to develop positive, creative attitudes towards change and be open to change throughout their careers.



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