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Learning to earn a living is only half the job. The other half is to make life worthwhile and meaningful.~ Sathya Sa Baba ~

Right Conduct

Right Conduct is concerned with developing the physical level of personality, primarily because man uses his body to engage in action. Within the context of the SSEHV programme, the physical does not only mean the development of a strong, healthy body. The physical also encompasses the development of skills and habits and the mechanisms for control and discipline. In fact, Right Conduct is described as the strengthening of the will so that it may direct the desires.

The three skills recommended for developing Right Conduct are "self-help" skills, "social skills" and "ethical skills". "Self-help" skills are aimed at developing habits of personal cleanliness, hygiene, proper grooming, encouraging independence, self-reliance, self sufficiency, responsibility, resourcefulness, dependability, duty, ethics, helpfulness, initiative, leadership, and perseverance, proper use of time, self-confidence and simplicity.

"Social skills" enable the child to function successfully in the various groups in which he belongs. The child is therefore taught how to sit properly, to answer with respect, to work harmoniously with others, to obey the rules of a game, to listen to and respect the views and opinions of others and to await his turn, among other things. He must share with others and he must respect parents, teachers, elders and other persons in authority. Closely related to ‘social skills’ is a third category – ‘ethical skills’.

These skills are important both for personal character development and for interacting with others. Some of the skills emphasised are speaking pleasantly with others, speaking the truth, respect for the property of others and refraining from hurting others in thought, word and deed. Right Conduct is based on the premise that each individual is regarded as a link in the chain of creation, and just as each link needs to be in good condition for the effective functioning of the chain, in the same way, each person’s conduct should be perfect for the orderly functioning of the universe.


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