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Learning to earn a living is only half the job. The other half is to make life worthwhile and meaningful.~ Sathya Sa Baba ~


Non-violence is the fruit of all the other values and our legacy to future generations. Non-violence may be defined as "universal love". It fosters the understanding that man has an obligation towards every component part of this universe and that he should try to expand his love to all. Non-violence goes beyond man’s relation with his fellow-beings, it embraces all non-living things.

With regard to human beings, it means not causing harm by one’s thought, word and deed. It is interesting to note that in addition to promoting the other human values, Non--violence represents the fruition of all these values. That is to say, if one practises Truth, Right Conduct, Peace and Love, one is non-violent in one’s actions.

Non-violence is described as the zenith of human achievement and perfection. It becomes a reality only when one recognises the oneness and unity of all creation. Then there is respect for all beings regardless of colour, class, occupation, religion or nationality. It gives rise to feelings of brotherhood, harmony, understanding and appreciation of other cultures and peoples.

In the context of plants and animals, non-violence means desisting from avoidable harm. It means non-violation of the law and balance of nature so that care of the environment, anti-pollution, preservation of plant and animal life, and preservation of nature becomes critical issues. As far as non-living things go, non-violence incorporates care of and respect for the property and belongings of others and of the state. As a result, civic-mindedness, citizenship and the common good are important values.

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