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Learning to earn a living is only half the job. The other half is to make life worthwhile and meaningful.~ Sathya Sa Baba ~


Within the context of the SSEHV programme the definition of Love is quite broad, encompassing feelings of reverence, affection, friendship, sympathy and compassion. It is love for all life form.

Love as a basic human value is conceived as much more than an emotion. Emotions have a tendency to be erratic. Love is explained as a form of energy which each person transmits and receives every moment. It is described as love "that flows from the depths of our soul".

It is not simply mercy or gentleness; it flows all the time and not just to persons to whom we are attached. It is for everyone, for the whole of creation. It affects all forms of life. The more it is shared, the more it grows.

The SSEHV Programme seeks to expand the vision of the child, thereby expanding his circle of love until it illumines all without distinction. This type of love transforms the child into a kind, caring and compassionate being who is willing to serve others and make sacrifices. It is unselfish love which is given unconditionally and indiscriminately.

It is therefore a higher form of love. It develops the super-conscious level of the human personality – this being the psychological centre of energy in a human being. Sub-values of love in the Programme include: caring, compassion, dedication, friendship, forgiveness, generosity, helping, inner happiness, joy, kindness, patience, sharing, sincerity, sympathy and tolerance.

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